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Elevate your yoga-look

I believe that SAÏA London has done for yoga what Hérmes did for equestrians.


Class ends. You remove the sweat and surface germs with an antibacterial spray and proceed to scroll, methodically, because a perfect scroll after yoga class makes sense. As you tab the velcro closures and lasso the generic, synthetic, rope-like strap over one shoulder, you think…. Do luxury yoga mat bags exist?


Okay, so maybe your thought process and questioning is a little different. These were certainly some of Kristina Byrnes early considerations. How could she go from the yoga studio to the office or home with a little more, shall we call it ‘style savvy’ over her shoulder? A few years back, the fashion industry embraced a multi-functional sport apparel and titled it Athleisure. Might they not, too, endorse an elevated yoga mat bag?


In a Cindarella-like story, Kristina has transformed the ‘functional’ yoga mat mag into a statement; what’s more, an ethical, sustainable, luxurious timepiece for the modern yogi.

As the Commercial Director for Fashion Week Mexico, Kristina researched and developed her product over 18 months, influenced by her everyday exposure to trends and success stories. Her grandmother worked as a seamstress for many years and together, they created a prototype. You would never guess these carry bags weren’t genuine, high quality leather – even leather craftspersons have had trouble identifying leather to the vegan substitute.

Technology is remarkable and has equipped Kristina and her team not only with a sustainable, premium quality material but the engineering to ensure precision. In each carry bag you will find leatherette straps and golden hardware to securely stow your mat and a pocket ideal for carrying your mobile phone and keys.

SAÏA London may be relatively new to market – I fell head over heels when I found them – though Kristina has already signed distribution contracts with Harrods, Wolf & Badger and The Maiyet Collective.

Personally, Kristina was empowered by her great-grandmother’s journey; who as a young girl, sold a cow from her family’s farm to finance a life in the city for better opportunities.

Kristina describes the Native American term SAÏA as ‘a woman who wins’: a beautiful tribute to both her great-grandmother and the thousands of women in our circular community.

While every SAÏA London bag sponsors the education of one girl through one30m, SAÏA London donates a further 5% to Girls Education.

I was so humbled by Kristina’s devotion to female empowerment and deep rooted family love. More and more, and certainly during times of adversity, women must support one another and I love that so many of our female founders, like Kristina, have made the same commitment!

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d Sponsors one girl with 2 months of education
d Sponsors one girl with 2 months of education
d Sponsors one girl with 2 months of education

SHOP the current collection here while we invest 28% into Girls Education, in collaboration with SAÏA London. Find out more about the missions we support here.

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Did you know that 85% of girls will share new knowledge with their families and friends, compared to just 15% of young men? Michelle Obama said it out loud “When you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, a country” and here we are proving it!