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As the doors begin to reopen in our neighborhoods after months [at the time of writing this article] in quarantine, so too has a new language that has extended beyond sustainable, and it is sweeping over the fashion industry. We have put together a helpful index to ensure you are across the terminology.

A product life-cycle that does not end after single-use; how virgin (exclusively new) materials can be used, broken-down into another product or shared by others.

Virgin Fabric
A first time produced material including raw natural and synthetic.

A virgin (exclusively new) material is used and then re-used for another purpose, product or project.

Dead stock
Disused fabric ends that are discarded and intended for landfill. Just 1% of all fabric in landfill is recycled (as at 2018 data)

Vegan Leather
Science, engineering + technology have allowed innovators to re-create faux leather that so accurately imitates real animal leather that even the experts have been fooled. Vegan, Ethical and most often, created as a bi-product (ie. Wild Caught Salmon are fished for food and their Skins are used in Salmon Leather, instead of becoming waste. Here, the Salmon Skins are considered a bi-product).

The making of a product that can be reused over and over, while healing and rehabilitating all around it.

One of our favorite LA designers, Christy Dawn, has been designing her collections using dead stock fabric since the brand’s inception. Read more at Vogue about Christy and her investment into Regenerative Agriculture 



The more awareness we bring as a company, hopefully the more inspiration we bring into the world and that's really our goal.

So why the new vocabulary? During quarantine, we (you and I) and every corporation, supply chain, hospitality group, agricultural engineers and business worldwide, have been pressed to evaluate our innards.

And what wasn’t working (case-in-point) was a lack of ethics: against animals, humans, marine-life, nature. Not all businesses are created equal, and far from most businesses actually have a CSR (Corporate Sustainability Response) which should, in our new-world, be mandated.

The shift toward a Circular Economy to slow and end climate damage might still be new, topical, educational but it will also require a constant ushering to improve, both from brands, Governments and our neighbors. Do your part by sharing the word(s) that you have read about here, educate your children, and repost any of the related articles we have linked here.. it is possible to heal our planet but we must all be participants to achieve that radical, optimal outcome.

We adore this beautiful short film and insight that Christy and the fullest produced in 2018


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