Strengthening Communities


Our mission is to eliminate the 130 million statistic – that is, the number of girls in the 21st century still denied an education; and to rebuild communities that evolve into circular economies.

Research has shown that 85% of women share their learnings with family and friends (compared to 15% men). We believe that investing in educating girls, specifically, will

transform entire communities, while ending oppression and liberating our gender.

We are a team of female equalists on a mission to stir a change in human behavior for a healthier planet and economy.

Girls Not Brides

09 November 2011, Bodhgaya, Bihar, India: Kanchan Kumari (16) studying in Kharrati village in Gaya District. She is one of the girls that has been benefitting from the Pathfinders program and planning to meet with The Elders on their visit to Bihar to discuss issues such as family planning and child marriage. Picture by Graham Crouch/The Elders

Every time you SHOP we invest 28% into Girls Education in collaboration with our brand partners. Learn about the missions we support here.