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About us


Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate the 130 million statistic – the number of girls in the twenty first century still denied an education; to build and inspire communities that evolve into circular, socially-conscious economies.

Research has shown that 85% of women share new knowledge with family and friends (compared to 15% men), we believe that investing in girl’s education will transform entire communities, while ending oppression + liberating our gender.

We are a community of equalists who see a Circular environmental + economic future.


As an online commerce, our framework provides fluid digital processing of orders while our vendors fulfill customer deliveries and oftentimes, use DHL GoGreen.

We are resourceful and conscientious when considering production and vendor partners, ethical influencers and Goodwill Ambassadors, eco-locations and vegan catering at events.

As advocates for Circularity and gender equality, we steer regenerative projects that welcome the general public to learn + experience, in order to reach a “new normal” in a new world post-Covid.


Each month, our tithings are offered to the International Rescue Committee ( with a focus on Girls’ Education. The IRC are present in over 40 countries worldwide and are responsible for the development and service of programs that benefit agriculture, education and medical facilities for hundreds of communities and refugees. 


We believe that Girls’ Education is the cornerstone to regenerating entire communities and our global economy.

Before ONE30M

Prior to launching as an eCommerce, we invested in developing ‘touch to shop’ broadcasting platform for content + filmmakers. Built on the same concept, that every purchase would aid communities. We scripted, cast, produced and recorded fashion films, look books, interviews, music videos + short films which can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Female Founder

I am a community-minded visionary and creator. As a conservationist, presenter, activist and mother to twin girls, I am committed to visual storytelling by illustrating critical narratives that affect the human race and the planet we live on. 

Education is a primary necessity, both on an academic and emotional level. Without knowledge, communities cannot move forward. Without emotional guidance and healing from ancestral oppression, women cannot know to cut those bonds and free the next generation. 

Although I was provided a privileged education, I was born into an abusive Christian home where I was physically, spiritually and emotionally attacked. I was emotionally imprisoned through young adulthood so as not to connect with a network of intelligent, nurturing women. Upon moving to Los Angeles, I found a culture that encouraged female entrepreneurs and it changed my life.

This is my purpose, a very personal mission and a responsibility as a woman and mother to my daughters: to serve not only tiny twin girls but #one30million

Did you know that 85% of girls will share new knowledge with their families and friends, compared to just 15% of young men?

“When you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, a country” -Michelle Obama

…and ONE30M is here to prove it!