to human touch & human nature
of layers, lustre & raw unpretentious luxury
to open another door & leap into the unknown

The world IS CAUGHT IN a spin & it started Long before Covid-19.

While conspiracy theories, political agendas & racial wars spew into daily media, we thought to leverage on ethically-minded news.

we’ll show you how to pack & pair you with a local mission: a human-centered, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

éthique is purposeful experiential humanitarian travel

mindful travel & heightened experiences

In 2021 we introduce the new type of traveler profile: one who is considered, socially-conscious and wants to grow. 

Our aim is to connect ethical travelers not only with art hotels, but with a local mission to participate in… a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strengthen communities around the world! 

Our favorite stays
Gorillas Nest Hotel

Gorilla’s Nest

This luxurious rainforest retreat boasts suites, lodges and a Spa for quintessential pampering after your daily excursions. Staff service is not exemplary ‘bought’, rather, genuine and from the heart.

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Hotel Santa Catarina

Hotel Santa Catarina

For those of us not calorie counting, Glicine Restaurant is led by two time Michelin hat Chef, Giuseppe Stanzione. Every placement carries its own effect: emulsions, fragrance and explosions of flavor.

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where to travel.

how to pack, ethically.
engage with a local mission.
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BEST Accessory Award

Made from the pulp and skins of fruits, these mock leather bags are the ideal travel companion. Their thick shoulder straps, oversized totes and backpacks come in a range of premium leather or distressed metallic styles. Travel sensibly. Travel ethically. And best of all, inspire others to do the same.


Meet the people behind the most sumptuous, idiosyncratic retreats in the universe. Learn how they’re transforming tourism into an organic, ethical zen. 

learning equals long life 

This word has drifted through fashion news and more often over the past 18 months. Fluff aside, just what is circularity and how do we apply it to our every day?

learn circularity

The Berber Girls

While the illiteracy rate for women in the Atlas Mountains is as high as 90%, this program’s 97% pass rate across all academic levels bolsters hope in repairing the educational divide.

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New-world vocabulary

As the doors begin to open after months in quarantine, so too has a new language: an extension of “sustainable” and it’s sweeping over the fashion industry.

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beautiful woman of color

What is Environmental Racism?

A general definition of environmental racism is that it refers to the disproportionate effects of environmental degradation on BIPOC through hazardous waste, pollution, and climate change. The problem is further expressed in that “huge profits are being made, mostly by white men…”

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Girls Not Brides

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate the 130 million statistic – that is, the number of girls in the 21st century still denied an education.

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As an online commerce, our framework provides fluid digital processing of orders while our vendors fulfill customer deliveries and oftentimes, use DHL GoGreen.

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Regenerative Projects

As advocates for circularity and gender equality, we steer regenerative projects that welcome the general public to learn + experience, in order to reach a “new normal” in a new world post-Covid. You can learn a whole lot more by visiting éthique, our eco-news magazine.

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shop our favorite ethical brands

We wrote about ethical brands in the months prior to Covid-19 and of those who emerged during.. now, as the survivors realize Coronavirus was merely a test, we write of a new generation of ethical, eco-minded brands who are giving back to planet and mankind. 

ethical designers

Bloke Ng

BLOKE is undoubtedly at the cutting edge of sustainable fashion on a global scale. We are particularly fond of the luscious fit of delicate knitted dresses.

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lisa folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa has featured often in Vogue Italia, partnered with L’Oréal and produced a trunk show with Moda Operandi while her line is stocked in Selfridges and luxury e-tailer, Farfetch.

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Pepper Row

Pepper Row

Pepper Row is a stylist’s wardrobe dream! Garments are sustainably produced, handmade ethically in Lagos + its materials are sourced from the continent.

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Adele Dejak Jewelry

Adéle Dejak

She is a designer. Unapologetically bold. An African artist with a cult following. Adele Dejak has been creating jewelry out of Africa more than a decade.

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Noble Sands interview cover

Noble Sands

She is the founder of the first travel, earth and heart friendly resort wear brand. Noble Sands is grounded in purpose and inspired by style.

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saia yoga stretch

SAÏA London

Kristina has transformed the ‘functional’ yoga mat bag into a statement; what’s more, an ethical, sustainable, luxurious timepiece for the modern yogi.

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Caspian Midi Dress

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Ready for sensorial experiences with a better value system + give-back mentality?   Find éthique with us! 

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Before the age of 10, Bethanie was already developing as an artist with writing classes, illustration, dance, theatre and piano. Later, clients from fashion, real estate and corporate sectors rounded her creative, technical and social media writing skills. Naturally, her artistic interests transposed onto film and production. Today, Bethanie hosts and produces interviews with international lifestyle brands and contributes to SNEZNY travel magazine.

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