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Borsalino Fedora

$355.00 $215.00

Men’s / Women’s Borsalino Wool Fedora. This classic Italian fedora is part of a consignment from an Italian Retailer and part of our “Save Made in Italy” initiative. Its original swing tags are still in tact. A perfect, authentic Christmas gift, this Borsalino makes our top gift ideas!

Fabric Composition
Wool / Felt


Measures 23 3/4 inches (60cm)
International: Large

One available

Save Made in Italy
Our project works with Italian ethical producers and retailers who have suffered or gone out of business since the March 2020 Coronavirus outbreak. Our sold merchandise provides wholesale value back to our Italian partners so that they have an opportunity to recover just a portion of their debts.

To learn more about Save Made in Italy, please contact us directly using our Contact form.