Carla in Leather + Bamboo


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A completely modern take on the utilitarian classic, Carla is a medium fan-shaped satchel featuring a leather mosaic motif along the side – hidden depending on the viewing angle. She is embellished with bamboo handles and a removable shoulder strap. 

Carla features a snap-fastening strap closure with both zip-purse and card-slip compartments on the inside. She is fastened closed with a custom-made brass lock, gold plated and hand-brushed and can be carried in hand from the upper leather handle or leather mosaic strap.


Size + Fit
Medium (you will fit every day items as well as your journal and iPad)
9 x 6 x 2.1 inches (or 23cm x 15cm x 5.5cm)

Handle Variants
Bamboo (we refer to as Earth)
Black with Black interior and decal, brass hardware coated 24K Gold

Fabric Composition
100% Italian calf leather
Brass hardware coated in 24K Gold
Bamboo handle
Lead Time
Please allow 2 weeks for standard international delivery
Made by artisans in Europe
Production Process +

Hand-selected butter-soft calf leather is sourced in Italy where our artisans meticulously cut every piece of each mosaic and prepare it for stitching. Each mosaic is matched with metallic and pearled silk threads and then sent to Tatarstan, Russia. Materials reach artists in Russia. Working with the signature Kazan technique they hand-stitch three single threads in a cord-like border joining each piece of the mosaic. Thousands of stitches and hours of work are required to complete each mosaic. Accessories are custom-made by expert metal smiths in Naples, Italy. Pure molten brass is cast and plated in 24K Gold and hand-brushed for a modern, timeless look.
Made by artisans between Italy and Russia
All elements of an Altari handbag come together in the hands of our Italian craftsmen. The exquisite skill of Neapolitan artisans brings to life our vision of an object created by the joining of cultures, people and traditions. Altari handbags are the first manifestation of a new era of creation led by cultural amalgamation and deep respect for the shared heritage that defines us as specie.


Made In

Italy, Russia


Earth, Black