Merino Wool Nest for Twins


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Merino Wool Nests are a warm, soft day bed for infants to nap during the day. The collection is handmade by knitting-artisans in Poland and Panapufa is a family-run operation. Choose other home decor and infant Accessories for your tiny joys to ensure they are snug in the colder months.

Fabric Composition:
100% Merino Wool

-Twin Nest for Babies
-Twin Nest for Toddlers

Color Variants:
-Ecru (most popular, as pictured is snow white)
-Email your Color selection once you have processed payment

Note, Natural color is untreated merino wool and has a naturally occurring odor

Lead Time:
International delivery between 7-14 days

Social Impact:
Your twin Nest provides one girl with primary education for 6 months of the year. Continue shopping the Panapufa collection while sponsoring another child with a brighter future through education.

Designed and hand knitted in Poland
Artisans, Panapufa