Palapa Grande Hat


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This dramatic sombrero took the Instagram-world by storm when it was first released in 2018. In an editorial turned face-off, acclaimed new designer label, Jacque Mus reposted and took credit. What ensued was a media frenzy in credit-rights. The Palapa Grande Hat is mesmerizing for anyone who wants to turn a thousand heads on their next vacation.. only thing is, you’ll have to find the space in your suitcase or carry on the aircraft! This sombrero will be one of the most remarkable timepieces you’ll ever own.

Natural (we refer to as Earth)

Fabric Composition
100% Straw

Size + Fit
OS (one size)


Designed in Mexico
Artisanal brand, Olmos y Flores


Production Values + 

Olmos y Flores are a design duo based in Mexico. Their high end label is created by local artisans and is nothing less than impactful, voluminous and rich in pattern + texture. Recently, their signature sombrero (a supersize timepiece that went viral) was photographed alongside Jacques Mus, and when the team at Mus posted images to Instagram, credited the sombrero as their own work… stirring a global controversy on the honesty and integrity of social content.



Olmos y Flores

Made In






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Eco, Limited Edition

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